Sunday, 1 December 2013

Little progress... Tree and track design

I am getting on the right track with racing game development in Unity. I have a decent (but far from great) car physics for mobile, and now track design is getting better too. Also, I figured out, how should I make tree sprites quickly in high quality.

Unity 2D tree test
Crossed tree sprite in the background... well I won't leave it there it's too dangerous!

Actually the track is ripped from rFactor only for learning purposes, finally, I understand, how to make a track not just good but nice. So I'll make it detalied yet pretty low poly for good mobile performance. Probably the spectators will be more simple than in rFactor. I have to test the performance with both "flat" spectators and with "2D paper cut people" version. Also, texture resolution is a good question, some of my textures are 1024x512 but most of them has lower resolution. I don't know, how mobile devices will handle it. I'll test it soon on my Nexus 7 2nd gen.

Asphalt texture made in Photoshop
1024x512 asphalt texture made in Photoshop

Tree sprite made with ease
Very quickly made tree sprite