Saturday, 12 March 2016

An idea I got from the amazing 3D NES...

3D NES is a really impressive experimental emulator that turns your NES games into 3D! It's not perfected yet, but the beta is public and it shows us, it's real and it works. Well, the performance is not perfect and while I'm not sure how it generates the 3D world, but it somehow uses the pixel colors maybe. Games that's heavily using dithering runs a lot slower since it generates more complex geometry. I wonder how it'll be improved in overall, it couldn't open all my ROMs, probably not all the mappers are implemented yet.
One of the thing which made me surprised about this project is that it was made in Unity! The accessible beta is WebGL only, but since it's Unity based it means it'll be easy to port to other platforms. Personally I am familiar with Unity and I never ever dreamed about not even a working average NES emulator in Unity. But a 3D one? Just wow!