Monday, 1 October 2012

Depeche Mode - Martyr 8-bit

And other 8-bit style video from me. This one is not real 8-bit, like my System of a Down - Revenga. At least, it sounds cool! I love Depeche Mode, one of my favorite bands. Also, I love old-school, so mixing old-school with favorite music is always good!

System of a Down - Revenga in 8-bit!

Hello World!

For tonight, it's time for a great old-school music! Are you ready?!

From my favorite band, System of a Down! IN 8-BIT! Created in Famitracker. Real NES should handle this! I wish, it was possible to put it on a real cartridge. Well, I guess, it is possible... somehow...

Let's rock!