Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Website making...

This website is just not growing, so it's time to write something... I'm working on a website now. Websites are cool!

It will be a shop's website. I'm writing is on my mother tongue so most stuffs will be not understandable for you, except if you are Hungarian. :)

I'm making it using Drupal 6 CMS. And It is progressing very well! I'm at 60% now. So many small tweaks needed. there are so many contents I need to write.

There is an Übercart webshop on the website. It is great. I like that webshop engine. I need to upload products, but I'll do it later. There is a gallery made with Gallery Assist module. I'm very satisfied with my website.

I'm trying to create a good design for it I'm using the theme called AVitamin. It has a nice layout, and easy to customize.

That's it for today, I'll post more about my site later. Here is the link for the site: