Thursday, 26 July 2012

(Game Dev / Magyar) Egy magyar bejegyzés a játékomról

Üdv mindenkinek!

Nem szokásom, de most saját nyelvemen is írok a blogomra.
Ezt a blogot a játék fejlesztésnek szentelem. Tervben van egy saját játékom, illetve egy másik, amit csapatban készítek. A blog az előbbiről szól. Remélem, élvezni fogjátok, és amellett, hogy érdekes és hasznos információkat olvastok készülő projektemről, tanultok is belőle, hiszen lesznek olyan dolgok, melyekről részletesebben fogok írni.

Ezen felül érdemes elolvasni az eddig megírt angol bejegyzéseket és megnézni a hozzá tartozó képeket és videókat!

Monday, 23 July 2012

(Game Dev) Information about the project / Help needed!

I'm working on my project and on an other project too. I was thinking a lot about the character style of my "Random RPG" project. Yeah, this is the name, I use for it now, "Random RPG". Because lot of things will be random. Random levels, random enemy spawning, random items, random secrets,... Sounds cool!

Thursday, 19 July 2012

Wednesday, 18 July 2012

(Game Dev) Doorway generator is almost done...

I'm back. Doorway generation is almost done. But I had some stupid mistakes in the code that I fixed. First of all, the generator made a mirrored dungeon. I was sure about that Unity's z-coordinates increases downwards, but it is exactly the opposite. (silly me) So when I was checking for the doors I was looking like a stupid, why I get those weird numbers.

(Game Dev) How a simple room looks like

The basic idea of the rooms is simple: We have a prefab that contains the floor, top, walls and the walls with doorway. Everything is placed precisely, so the connection between rooms are seamless (tested, worked). If my generator founds out there is no neighbor at the south side, it will disable the southern doorway game object in Unity and it will enable the southern wall object.

Thursday, 12 July 2012

(Game Dev) Simple dungeon generator algorithm

I was thinking about creating a simple level generating algorithm, similar to what is made for The Binding of Isaac. If you are not familiar to The Binding of Isaac, the levels consists from rooms placed on a grid. There are different paths and special rooms. The level design is non-linear, so the main character can choose different paths to find the boss room, which is the end of the level.

Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Welcome to my blog!

Hello and welcome to my blog!

Who spent time watching my stuffs knows I'm a freelance modeler, webmaster and also a little bit a programmer. A very amateur programmer. On this blog I'll share my works. 3d models, tutorials, Unity based programs, and so on...

Hopefully, you'll enjoy it and I can teach you new stuffs. Some of the tutorials will contain complete projects too. Also I am planning something, but it is a secret! But you will like it! (I hope.)

Originally I wanted a website, I tried out some free hosts but they weren't very good. Unfortunately I can't afford a payed service. And if I could I would rent a cloud server. But the blog format will be OK too I think.

Enjoy and stay tuned! Something is coming!