Thursday, 26 March 2015

My first Killing Floor character!

I am working on my first Killing Floor character. It's actually almost done. Model, texturing and skinning are all acceptable, but there are still things that I am not happy about. It's not easy to make a character based on not so good reference images, but I tried my best. He's somewhat recognizable. But I need to work more on both the textures and model.

OK, so my character is... *drumroll*

Kimi Räikkönen!

Character added by the modification of Braindead's Stig character mutator.

Wednesday, 4 March 2015

I love retro!

Ah, those good old days with the NES (more like chinese FamiClone)... Batman, Super Mario Bros., Battle City, Super Spy Hunter, Mission: Impossible... long list. I still go back in time to relive some of those awesome games. And I like doing pixel art... Well, I suck at it, but I try! So I always wanted to make my NES style game... And it's in progress.