Thursday, 26 March 2015

My first Killing Floor character!

I am working on my first Killing Floor character. It's actually almost done. Model, texturing and skinning are all acceptable, but there are still things that I am not happy about. It's not easy to make a character based on not so good reference images, but I tried my best. He's somewhat recognizable. But I need to work more on both the textures and model.

OK, so my character is... *drumroll*

Kimi Räikkönen!

Character added by the modification of Braindead's Stig character mutator.

Actually, I wanted to practice a little bit, because I want to make 3 more Killing Floor models at least. But I don't have photos yet, so I decided to do something else. Kimi is my favourite racer, so I decided: let's create Kimi! There were a lot of things to learn. Pelt mapping, using KFEd (UnrealEd), exporting model, etc...

Also, Killing Floor doesn't support adding new character, but there are mutators that help. Enable Custom Character, Server Perks, also there is a great Stig model that is easy to edit and replace with other model.

Just leave him alone, he knows, what to do!
 First, I started to use Stig, and I could insert my model into the game. But using Stig replaces an other character when you use its mutator. Custom Character Enabler... well, I have no idea, how to use it, but I didn't really tried it yet. Server Perks kinda work... but my character doesn't have animations... Hopefully, helpful members of Tripwire forums will be able to help.

If I solve the problem, then I will improve the model, maybe I'll add custom sound effects and edit the shader a little bit. Also, I will use alpha tested hair probably.