Saturday, 20 June 2015

I want my Formula 1 back!

Oh, FIA, what have you done!

I am a fan of F1 since 1995. I enjoyed it as a child so much! The cars were fast, the noise was powerful, the races were exciting and sometimes very chaotic. The were racing in heavy rain, there were many unexpected things. The cars looked beast! The tracks were full of gravel. If someone made a mistake, that was the end! And that's how it should be.
Jean Alesi - Britain (1995) -

Safety's first!

Well, FIA (Federation Internationale de l'Automobile), wants some kind of safe Formula One. And I kinda agree with them. We don't want serious injuries and deaths! The car's safety increased by a lot, and it's true about the tracks too. But the tracks are just way too safe. And I don't mind randomly appearing cranes and other things.
Well, a few words about Bianchi's accident. Yeah, he was faster than he should be, but I'm sure, if the crane is not there, he wouldn't have suffered such an accident like that. It wasn't the track's mistake, it was a really unlucky accident. Keep fighting, Jules!!!
Now, back to the topic, the tracks are full of tarmac run-off areas. And for me, they ruin the races. If someone make a mistake, it should be punished. Punished by the track, by the physics, not by FIA. FIA is inconsistent, the real world physics aren't. Sometimes great racers made mistakes and it ended their races giving opportunity to win to someone else! I miss that!
I'm glad, car safety is improving, since it can save life. But there are things that way too much. And still, there can be very unfortunate, serious accidents. The only way to avoid is that to not race at all. I don't think there is a 100% fail-safe way for prevent accidents like Jules'.

Rain, rain, more rain!

Rain is coming! Way too much rain! RED FLAG! Again safety is first, but stupid rules are the cause of unsafe rainy races. Back then, it was allowed to change the car setup between qualification and race. It also gave an opportunity for worse teams. With a risky wet setup, it was possible to them to get points. Or even win races... if the weather was really rainy next day. Nowadays, there is not way for tactics. No risk, no chance.

Of course, it's actually not that bad, there are still rainy races, but in heavy rain it's always the exciting part that, will the race suspended or not.
Do you remember Markus Winkelhock at Nürburgring? It was fun! It was one of the many memorable rainy races. Too bad, he didn't win.

Rules are rules! But stupid ones...

Oh, FIA... why, why WHY?! First, the engines sound like shit. But I got used to it. Does the engine sound have anything with good races? NO. They're important, I love loud engines, but I am OK with that.
The actual rules are bad!


Drag Reduction System a.k.a. easy overtake device. When I saw it first time in DTM, I realised, it's not that bad! But in F1 it's ridiculous! Why? Because the rules are bad for DRS! If you are close the  other car, he's usually an easy prey! Even if the car is the same, it makes it relatively easy to overtake it. The other car of course can't use if for defense. Except if he's lucky and there is an other car in front of him within 1 second distance. Even if it's a car out of the current lap! It's a joke. But there is an other problem. Dirty air make staying behind the other car too long bad, because it causes turbulence, and the down force efficiency becomes lower. Why? Because the current aerodynamic properties of the cars have this side effect. How to solve the problem? More grip to the tyres, more mechanical grip, reduce the importance of aerodynamics.
How to solve the DRS problem? Get rid of it or change the rules.
  • A driver can use DRS in any of the straights in a race, but only 15 times in a race. He can use it for defense and attack too. No need to be close to the other driver. So it's possible to use it to achieve a better lap time to get closer to the others in case of a bigger disadvantage. DRS zones must be banned. Drivers should be able to use it anywhere.

Penalties and more penalties

Yo dawg! I heard you get penalty and even more penalties so you'll start from the previous Grand Prix location. Just look at poor Jenson and Fernando. Their car is a piece of crap and FIA just make it even worse. So it's not enough they are totally last because they had to change engine and other things, they get stop & go too! Why? Because FIA. That's why. One thing to note: current rules are to make weaker teams position even worse while teams with good car and engine have enough advantage already. It's like making poor people even poorer and make rich richer. Because that's how it works. And now, in F1 this is implemented for penalties! Yeaaaah!
It's not enough, that the V6T hybrid engines are still not perfected, but they can use only...FOUR! And if someone comes as a new engine manufacturer, they are fucked! There is no testing, there is nothing. If you ruined it, you are fucked even more than you deserved. Even Renault are in bad situation. Ridiculous! So what's F1 about? Competition? NO Racing? NO Drivers' skills? Errmmm Not really. So what? (cumulative) PENALTIES!

Don't cross the lines!

"Ooops, sorry, I just... I just crossed the line, my car just slided a little bit and... I couldn't..." PENALTY!!!

Yeah... leaving the track limits track can cause you some bad moment in the pit or somewhere else, because you get a penalty! Or your lap time will be invalidated. My idea: GRAVEL! Sounds familiar, isn't it! As I previously mentioned, track should penalise the drivers, not FIA, because FIA = Fuckin' Idiot's Association = Fuckin' Inconsistent Arbitraments

It's a joke. Because that can happen even accidentally. So why penalise the driver. Could the driver take the corner? Yes. So? I am OK with don't overtake outside the track limits, but sometimes it's even OK, if it's not on a totally safe tarmac, well he had the balls to overtake there, he didn't cause accident, it's fine! FIA, please, let them race! You too should have balls too! (or they don't have anymore).
Grosjean vs Massa.  I was so adrenaline pumped by this. It was beautiful! But the stewards thought it differently because rules are rules! But still, I think it was a nice move. And moves like these shouldn't be penalised. Grosjean made a risky move and it worked perfectly... until the stewards didn't penalise him. Shame on them. WE WANT REAL RACING!

My wheel just fell off, but it's not my mistake guys! I swear!

But it's your mistake, based on that you got the penalty! So... why penalise the driver when the team already ruined your race when you did... NOTHING? You lost a wheel, and the race. But it's not enough, your next race is already ruined, because you did nothing!
Well, if a team couldn't attach a wheel, that's coming with a penalty. A loose wheel nut and the driver get a 10 place grid penalty! It's outrageous! Why can't they penalise the team somehow? Because of the penalty, they won't make it slower to attach the wheel properly. They'll try to work as fast as possible. It can happen any time. Unfortunate, yeah. And that penalty won't help at all. Yes, it should be penalised, but don't penalise the driver because of that. Penalise the team.

There are so many things I could mention. Maybe later...


Just an idea: get rid of the radio communication and use it only in case of danger. F1 drivers are like puppets nowadays. They are on strings, engineers tell them what to do, where to do, how to do. Come on! Let them race! Leave them alone, they know what to do! If they have tyre problems, they need to feel it. If they feel it, they should tell the guys, "I want to change tyre now." It should be allowed, it's OK. But there are way too many informations the team tells the drivers.


Not Jenson. He's a great guy and he deserves a better car. I want to see him on the podium again! So... remove all the buttons, leave the brake balance changer, a button to request pit and a few ones to change LCD mode to see other things than lap times. That's it. F1 is way too complicated and it's not about racing, but moaning, whining, pushing buttons (I respect them to do this at 300+km/h), but come on, it's not racing! It's unnecessary!


Monday, 1 June 2015

Who the f*ck is Simon in Frictional Games' new horror game?

No, I am not talking about one of the Belmonts... I am talking about SOMA. Frictional Games' new, amazing looking, exciting survival horror game. A lengthy, high quality, great gameplay trailer just came out in the recent days. It has many informations, and even more questions!