Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Castlevania experience

Oh Castlevania... I heard a lot about you, and I ignored you for many many long years... I knew, that it's good, fun, legendary and difficult as hell. But I ignored it! Maybe I just wasn't in a Dracula mood. I don't know...

Castlevania Symphony of the Night title screen
And this is where my adventure began...

Monday, 6 April 2015

My Räikkönen model in Unity game engine (web player demo)

So I made some tweaks on the model, like I added alpha tested hair. It was easier than I thought. Also I removed the original hair and hand drawn the whole hair from scratch. Hair color and a few things are still not perfect, but it's a nice progress. How the model will look in Killing Floor with the new hair? I don't know, but I have a bad feeling about that. I mean the the lighting is not that good in Unreal Engine 2.5, so it makes me worry. The hair looks really bad in 3ds max too (with vertex lighting, and no ambient light but it's actually not that surprising).

 Kimi Räikkönen Unity showcase
Click on the picture to open the webplayer demo

Sunday, 5 April 2015

My first Killing Floor character: Kimi Räikkönen

Finally! Somehow I did it. Thanks for TWI Forum members for trying to help me out! So it works finally. It's still not finished completely, but it works with ServerPerks mutator. Fantastic!

Kimi Räikkönen - Killing Floor
Perk selection screen with my model
So finally, it looks like I can make custom character models for Killing Floor. I am planning to create three more characters then who knows, maybe even more.

What I would like to fix is the face itself, and the hair. Also there are seam problems yet to be fixed. I wish I could make normal map for the models, but Unreal Engine 2.5 doesn't support it. Perkele!
It looks way better in Unity game engine with custom normal map for cloth folds and other details. But I am OK with it. Maybe I'll bake the normal maps into the texture, so it won't look that flat.

There are "things" behind me and I don't give a shit...
It is / was a good little project to learn a few new things about Unreal Engine and modelling in general. There were things like UV unwrapping and skinning that I didn't really like to do, but it's actually easy and fun. I learnt new techniques that help to speed up the workflow by a lot. For example, I know, how to fix texture seam errors thanks to this amazing and simple tutorial.

I still need to improve, and I will!

Castlevania - Dracula X Chronicles teszt (PSP)

2007-ben PSP-re megjelent a Castlevania Dracula X Chronicles (későbbiekben csak DXC), mely az eredetileg csak Japánban kiadott Rondo of Blood 3D-s remake-je. (Később Virtual Console-on megjelent más területeken is, de az 1993-as kiadásakor csak Japánban volt elérhető.) Richter Belmont felveszi a harcot a sötét nagyúr Drakulával és társaival hogy megmentse barátnőjét Annette-et és végleg elpusztítsa Drakulát.