Monday, 1 June 2015

Who the f*ck is Simon in Frictional Games' new horror game?

No, I am not talking about one of the Belmonts... I am talking about SOMA. Frictional Games' new, amazing looking, exciting survival horror game. A lengthy, high quality, great gameplay trailer just came out in the recent days. It has many informations, and even more questions!

I don't want to go into details. I am just confused about Simon... Who is he? What is he? Is he a human? Or a robot? Well, I don't think, he is a pure robot... we saw his human arms when he was on the ladder. Is he a cyborg? The ladder broke down. Maybe he's heavier than an average human... maybe he has heavy, mechanical body. So he's a cyborg!

SOMA - Frictional Games
Is it my brain? Or...?
Or NOT! The game has important questions about consciousness. Can a machine have consciousness? Can an advanced AI work like human mind? What if, our main character, Simon is a dead human, whose body is controlled by a so advanced AI that totally mimics a human? What if, our Simon thinks, he is a human, but actually he is an AI? Maybe I just missed many things from the trailers and Unveiled's YouTube channel. But I'm sure, there will be a mind blowing twist about our main character.

And what about that brain? And why am I thinking about A Machine for Pigs? Do you remember? Oswald Mandus and his machine? The machine which has his own self-consciousness (The Engineer)?

Hmmm, a machine with human mind... what about a human with artificial mind? But still... what is that brain? The brain of a machine? Our brain? We exchanged our brain to an AI? The main hero was a bad person, or at least, he wanted to end all the things, he went insane... He used his own brain to make a huge machine work... And... I don't know...