Wednesday, 4 March 2015

I love retro!

Ah, those good old days with the NES (more like chinese FamiClone)... Batman, Super Mario Bros., Battle City, Super Spy Hunter, Mission: Impossible... long list. I still go back in time to relive some of those awesome games. And I like doing pixel art... Well, I suck at it, but I try! So I always wanted to make my NES style game... And it's in progress.

It will be a simple game. Platformer, where you need to avoid obstacles, and complete the level as fast as you can. There will be multiple themes for levels and possible multiple way to complete it.

Early WIP, working platform engine. If the character sprite resembles someone, it's just a coincidence.
I want more characters to choose from with different abilities (speed, jump height, etc...). I also aim for true to NES graphics, but probably... you know, there will be things that just won't be like that. Like sprite limit and at some point color limit per sprite.

The engine is Unity. I don't use physics at all. I use raycast. No rigidbodies. Simple calculations, that's all. Also my sprite is a child of the main controller. I pixel snap the sprites so it will be more true to NES. No incorrect pixel offsets (needs a minimal tweak, but in overall, it's very simple code, easy to fix).

This site has good tutorials about the raycast based platformer basics:

I got some part of the code from there, but I already modified it a little bit. And I will improve it. It's pretty good already, but some things didn't work as I expected, so I fixed them.

That's all for now. I am fixing the jumping, the camera, etc... Hopefully I can implement obstacles soon. Moving platforms? Why not? Spikes? Everyone loves spikes!

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