Wednesday, 25 July 2012

(Game Dev) Lightmapped!


I was experimenting a little bit with lightmapping. Success? F***, let's figure it out!

So, I can book this day as a success. I tried out Legacy Shaders / Lightmapped Diffuse. I was failing with it until today. The result is reasonable. Not the best since it is not using dual lightmaps, but it is OK. Also tested with some real time shadow, it is visible, and it looks better than I expected.

The lightmaps were generated in 3ds max. I used RTT assist to combine the lightmap textures into one. That saved me a little time for me. But this is just experimenting yet. Big problem is, I can't use light probes yet. At least, this method doesn't let me use them I think. So many problems with lighting and lightmapping in case of a random generated content, but as always, I'm optimistic, and as you can see, this is already a great progress.
Lightmap with legacy shaders in Unity, generated in 3ds max
Lightmapped level, capsule shaped character from third person view,. Also there is a spotlight, with lighting cookie

--Rest in peace, Byakuya Kuchiki--