Monday, 23 July 2012

(Game Dev) Information about the project / Help needed!

I'm working on my project and on an other project too. I was thinking a lot about the character style of my "Random RPG" project. Yeah, this is the name, I use for it now, "Random RPG". Because lot of things will be random. Random levels, random enemy spawning, random items, random secrets,... Sounds cool!
Back to the character topic. I'm thinking in a cartoonish style. Cel-shading, cartoonish character proportions. But it is difficult to decide, which proportion will I use. The most possible is a 1:1:1 ratio proportion. 1 unit for head, 1 unit for body and 1 unit for the legs. Like in case of my knight model. This looks OK, but needs a lot of work to find the good proportions. Of course, if you have ideas, you can write your thought in the comment section.

My biggest problem is already the lighting. Unity engine calculates the lightmaps per scene, not per object. This makes everything difficult, since I can't associate a lightmap to a game object. This is a really pain the the ass. I didn't get information about it from Unity forum and Unity answers. So I'm in trouble now. I'm also thinking in alternative methods, but there is no real alternative for dual lightmaps. (Do I really need dual lightmapping?)

Maybe, I'll just use single lightmaps (still difficult), and light probes. Light probes are amazing, fast, and pretty nice. Hopefully, it will work well. I wish, I could get rid of those dynamic lights and use lightmaps. Yes, performance is important for me, I want to make my game pretty but fast at the same time. I want to make it playable on older PCs too. Did you hear about Shadowgun? That's a greatly optimized game with lot of eye-candies, developed for mobile devices. Well, I can't do it that good (in case performance), but I'm not developing for mobile platforms (yet), I am developing for PC.

If anyone has idea, how to lightmap the rooms, use nice lighting on this dynamic stuff, that would be really really helpful! Also read this for more.

Please feel free to comment below!

Soon, I'll reveal more about the project (gameplay, characters, theme).