Friday, 8 November 2013

NES memories... that I liked so much!

Oh well... it was a long  time ago. A little child who had so much time to waste. He was lazy to learn, or doing homework. Well, actually, he did the homework... quickly and well. And learnt in the school at lesson. A child who liked videogames. Who got his first Famiclone in 1994...

Yeah, actually I never had a real NES or Famicom. I had those Chinese clones. I liked it, my first game was Super Mario Bros. I was impressed by the game when I was 4. NES was awesome! And you know what? It's still awesome! A great console with many great games. And many great games I didn't have. I'm so happy about emulators, so I can somewhat get and try what I missed. You have to know about me, I was a very patient man back then, and I'm still. I love NES because of challenge. Games were short, but games were extremely challenging. Completing a hard game was always satisfying. Today's games are... well, most of them are boring for me. No challenge, no... sorry, that's an other topic. I'll explain later.

So hard games were good for me, weird ones too. I never had a favorite genre back then, so my list is mixed with different kind of games. Here is my list of my most favored games. The order is not based on the game quality but how memorable was it for me... or just purely random... except #1. Too much memory, my brain needs defragmentation...

#12: to be written...

#11: Super Spy Hunter (a.k.a. Battle Formula)
Top down driving game with weapons, fun levels, hard bosses and with some serious slowdown issues. And some long-ass flight stage. Damn, I hated that! Well, this game should be reviewed... Good game, but the frustration sometimes... ah, damn...
And that quality music by Sunsoft. Their instruments always rocked on NES!

#10: The Terminator 2 - Judgement Day
Yes, you are reading it right. It's not a good game, but for some reason, I liked it. I'm so glad, I never played the even worse prequel... oh, mother of LJN!

#9: R.C. Pro AM II
Sorry, I never played the original. But I loved this one!

#8: GI-Joe - The Atlantis Factor

#7: Chip & Dale: Rescue Rangers

#6: 1943

Nice graphics, good music, fun power ups, exciting boss fights. A great top-down shooter.

#5: Excitebike

Well, I somehow discovered this (and reproduced with emulator):
I was so happy with this as a child. My father couldn't do this. I was so proud!: D

#4: Mach Rider

Maybe a weird choice, but I liked it! It was challenging and fun. Good game!

#3: Super C

It was great and it's still great. Mainly with 2 players. Action at its best! I preferred this one over the original Contra.

#2: Super Mario Bros

Well, this was MY first NES game. I loved it. It's hard as a 4 year-old but fun. The whole family played with it! Wow, memories. Great memories. I remember, I had a cartridge (9999 in 1) that contained "game-genied" versions for the game. Many weird, glitchy level, infinty levels, underwater levels, world 9-1. That was so cool!

#1: Mission: ImpossibleYour Mission, Should You Decide To Accept It....

Based on the 80's series, Mission: Impossible was one of the hardest games I've ever played. It's a top-down action adventure game features three IMF members from the popular TV series. You take the role of  Nicholas Black, Grant Collier and Max Harte. Player can select character on-the-fly all of them has different speed, weapons and abilities. If one character died, you lost him for the actual stage. Well, that happened to me so usually. The game is hard... I mean HARD. So many people say, Contra was hard, but I felt it actually easy compared to this one.

There are 6 levels (of hell) in the game with puzzle elements. Most of the puzzles must be solved, some of them are not necessary to do. 2 of the stages are different from the others. There is a boat and a skiing stage. They rock! The levels are full of enemies, traps, switches, instant death spots such as pitfalls, water, cars that hit you, and other hazards. Some enemies take 6 unit from the 12 unit long life bar with one hit! Well, that sounds bad and made me rage sometimes. Damn! But after failing and failing, you can go further and further. When I completed the first level, I felt like I'm in heaven. It was so exciting!

Oh, and it has a password system too! All the passwords are 4 letters long, and doesn't contain all the letters from alphabet. If you are lucky you can even guess it.

Other things about the game. Graphics are pretty good, there is nice shading everywhere, it's colorful. The environment is varied. I never felt the stages boring. They are looking good.
The music is awesome! I really love it, it is great. Each level has different music, and some areas has different music too. It's well done, and nice for the ears. It even has the theme song!


Gameplay is good too, you really need the different characters, there are nice amount of puzzles, the enemies have variety, and the controls are pretty good! And the stages are sometimes ass!

Well, I don't say, it's the best NES games. It has flaws, many of them. Not just the difficulty. There are some unfairly hidden switches (no really helpful hint or mark like in Zelda games), cheap deaths. Other bad thing is its lifespan. It's not a long game, but you'll need a lot of time to complete it depending on your skills and luck. But when you completed it, you may not want to play it again. There is nothing new you can get from a second play through. Once you finished it, it's over. No reason for replay it again. If I want to give it a score, it's an 8 of 10 but it's a 10 of 10 for me. It's not the best game on the list, but for me, it's the most memorable. The music, the excitement, the boss fights, the struggling. It's almost impossible, but I finished it. Wow, what a feeling.

I'm actually sad, because it's not well known and underrated. PLAY THIS GAME! PLAY THIS GAME! PLAY THIS GAME! But really, if you like hard games, this is for you, Mission: Impossible for the NES. Give it a f*cking try!!! I didn't want to make this a real review I missed lot of things that You should explore. Are you ready for the challenge?

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