Friday, 6 December 2013

Weird dream which would be a great game idea...

Oh, what a horrible night to have a nightmare...

I want to share a weird dream with you. I hope you enjoy it! This happened at December 6, 2013.

Oh, well, that was weird. I felt like I was in a video game. I lost my memory about my dream almost, but still I can remember some events, characters, places.

I was with the Doctor, yeah with that Doctor, the tenth Doctor. and there was a creature, and evil one, a strong one. He was higher than an average human being. He was humanoid type, two arms, two legs and an ugly head. The whole body was metallic bluish, and unsymmetrical. Well, we had to run away from this creature, it attacked us and it hit me once or twice. I had a serious back ache. It hit me with its claws, but it didn't do any wound, still it hurt for a while.

We were probably at somewhere related to UNIT. We had to go to a place a very nice mansion at 14:00. We were late due to the monster attack, we lost him somehow. We had to explain, why we were late we were almost punished because of that. Well, I don't know, where the Doctor was after that. I was in my room, but I felt, the monster will be here. We didn't tell about the monster to the owner of this house... or military building. I don't know what was that exactly. I looked out the window, and I saw it. It attacked an empty car. I left my room, I told them about the monster.
After that, a non-sense thing happened I was sitting somewhere in the corridor that leads to my room with Matt Smith and David Tennant. Now, explain that... so stupid dream. Later they disappeared and I got back into the main events of the dream. The monster came in through my window while I was out in the hall. It no only broke the glass but destroyed the half of the wall in my room. Well, then later it went out. This mansion had so many high-tech stuffs. We placed a energy shield generator where the broken wall was. But still there were small gaps.

The shield generator was a small device with two parts. It was black, and the used had to place the two parts away from each other. Between the gap, it generated the shield. Also it had extendable parts which determines the shields height.

Later it was clear this building has so many rooms, with high tech devices. The monster came in again somewhere, it killed some people I tried to hide and run. There was a kitchen, people think I am mad. They didn't believe me and the monster came in and it killed some of them. I was running away, I found a small room. I mean small. like 1 square meter small... with buttons. There was a button called Magic. I was trapped in the small room and somehow it found me. Well, I knew what the button was good for. It was a teleporter. And I escaped, but it didn't teleport so far away. I was somewhere in the kitchen again. The monster found a device, a weapon and it was attached to its...right arm (I'm not sure about this). The weapon was dangerous, a long range plazma gun like stuff.

Honestly I don't know, what a plazma gun look like, it shoot big blue balls and it wasn' t that destructive to walls, but it could kill a person in one hit. So I just named as plazma gun.

Well, I run out... or maybe into an underground area of the building. I don't know. It was huge! And there was a thing looked like a plaza... or hypermarket. Just 10 times bigger than normal. It was really huge! And I run into is, the monster came after me. It killed many people. I was hiding. It was weird, people didn't panicked. They just continue shopping, but something changed in the way they did it. I don't know what, I just noticed it in my dream.

Also, the monster's appearance changed a lot since the beginning. It changed, it evolved. It started to adapt for the environment. It was clear, the monster is not familiar with this planet, the cities, the buildings, but it was learning quickly. It copied some stuffs. Also it wanted to found an other weapon in the building, a long flat white colored thing. I have no idea what was that. But it didn't find it probably. 

Good thing is, I didn't lost so much power, I didn't get tired quickly. I sprinted so much, sometimes I had to dodge the plazma bullets. It was incredible, but very scary. One bad move and I am dead. Somehow I managed to escape the plaza. There were some military posts underground, I went through there and I was on roof tops and I was...  I was... somewhere in a place with a few trees and grass and high fences. WTF?! Also, there were animals. OK, weirdness begins (if it wasn't weird enough already). So it came after me, it was furious. But this place changed it. It changed shape, but it was radical this time... What the holy mother of f*ck, it became a cow with horse head and legs... Ohmm yeah, that's right. It wasn't that harmful, but still it transformed back maybe and it attacked. I had to climb fences (15-20 meter high fences, now, someone explain that too) and as it found animals, it mimicked them. and at last it became a chicken... and it sit down. And it didn't run after me. It found its peace on Earth as a chicken as I was at some kind of football pitch with the same high fences, high grass and two gates. Also there was a little music at the end... maybe the sound of my victory.

Well... I won. And it was horrible! And awful lot of running. Against a really strong enemy. But it was so good, it was like a video game, a GREAT video game, where you have one life, no continues. My heart beaten so fast sometimes. Of course, I was in danger. Imagine this as a game! It would be so great! A great survival sci-fi horror!

I wish I could draw or paint that thing in its original form. It was badass. Blue, metallic alien, skinny body, athletic construction, weird, robotic eyes. Awesome design! Long legs, long arms, and that ability to fuse with other object... just amazing. How his arm became that plazma gun. Fantastic.

Also the plaza was a weird place, it was huge, dominant colors were white and grey. People were also in white clothes. 

Probably, will be continued with some sketches, maybe I'll attempt to draw that bad guy.

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