Saturday, 21 November 2015

NES style game in Unity - Part 3 - It's gonna take you back to the past...

Welcome back! It's about progress!
In the last few days I wrote many things about my game. Mostly plans. Description of different areas, what items you can get, what items you're supposed to use, what enemies you'll have to encounter. An other document is about the gameplay mechanisms, how the player should make progress, etc.
I finally created an actual screenshot of the current game. It's far from the final one.

Finally, I started to experiment with tilesets and character sprites. I used a modified Trevor Belmont sprite from Akumajou Densetsu / Castlevania III for testing and I created a custom tileset which is strictly using up to 4 palettes, all with 3 colours so I am following the limitations of NES mostly.

I wrote a simple text box script that can be triggered by the player and shows texts letter by letter at the top of the screen with Press Start 2P font.

First public screenshot
It's like in the good old days...