Sunday, 15 November 2015

NES style game in Unity - Part 2 - Makes me vomit!

I made some progress with the NES style game. Nothing special... but it's enough to trigger the memories of NES... when games started to glitch, and looked like shit.
I used an amazing tile map editor called... well, nothing complicated... just simply Tiled. Unity got this great free solution to import maps made with Tiled called X-UniTMX. So I imported my first... map? Well, more like crappy looking tile test based on... *wait for it* Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde for NES *dun dun duuuuun*. I realised my first solution for changing colours won't work that way, but not a big deal. For characters, pick ups, items, etc, I'll use sprites. Sprites has Unity's sprite renderer on it. But what about the Tiled map? It uses mesh renderer... Duh! That's an issue... but with a second palette changer script and a new, barely modified shader it just works perfectly! My colour choices? Vomit green and brown. It reminded me the days when I had problems with my Famicom clone cartridge connectors and made the game glitchy. It looked like that.

No, I don't feel shame for posting this. On the right, you can see the palette editor, the 3 colored palettes are accessed by scripts attached to backgrounds and sprites and it's easy to select from predefined palettes.

So did it look good? No, but my shaders and scripts do what they have to do. Perfect. So will it look good! Well, it doesn't depend on my programming. So I need to do nice tile based artwork considering the real system's limitations and I'm done! One more little step for my game.

Other minor updates:

I fixed the camera, now it pixel snaps so it is more close to the real feel! I also added a dummy HUD. It does nothing, but it's for decoration and to make you feel you play an old NES game. It works well and that HUD style will probably be in the final game. Except if I decide to change minor gameplay elements.

Also, I started to use Sebastian Lague's raycast based 2D character controller for testing, probably I'll change it later.

Well... that's it for today. And excuse my style. Next part, coming soon!