Sunday, 31 January 2016

A new old adventure!

Hey, howdy?

Memories... nostalgia... dilemma...

Well, it's an old stuff of me... Why am I posting this? Well, I worked a lot on this back then and I think it was pretty cool. Looked like Megaman X, worked like Megaman X... except it has some glitches and I've never finished it. I created all the background graphics in Photoshop. And while I didn't respect the SNES palette I think it looks acceptable for SNES aesthetics.

I am kinda nostalgic. Game Maker was my first game development tool! I got 4.3 from a computer magazine's CD. And I was kinda pissed as child that it was 2D only. Like kids like modern things. THREE DEE! YEAAAH! I learnt the lesson. All that glitters is not gold. And hyper-super mega good graphics doesn't make the game.

I looked back to those years and I just realised how much I miss Game Maker. Unity just overshadowed it for me. But I wasn't thinking about one thing clearly. Unity is mostly a 3D engine while Game Maker is mostly for 2D. Unity is super flexible, can create great 2D and 3D games but pixel perfection is not that easy to achieve for a retro game and I spent too much time developing the things to achieve it. Also Unity has a big performance overhead for such simple 2D.

So. I looked up Game Maker's current licensing. Previously GM:Studio had a strict licence system I think. The free version was so limited. But I realised the Standard version is free and it's actually pretty good! And my help me in creating my dream game. An NES style platformer. A great and silly adventure!

I need to befriend Game Maker again... I can't even code in it anymore. It's so... weird. C# became so natural and straightforward for me. And I felt like a traitor when I downloaded GM: Studio. But I won't give up on Unity. It's an amazing engine. Absolutely beautiful beast. But for 2D, I prefer something that's really for 2D.

I remember wrecking my brother's nerve with my incomplete Game Maker games... little car battle games with rockets and flame throwers and machine guns in an isometric perspective.
I had a huge collection of midi files from a friend. I found a music. It was amazing but I didn't know what it was. And guess what. in 2015 I played a game called Castlevania - Symphony of the Night. And yes. The music was from that game. Dracula's Castle. That Game Maker creation was done like in the early 2000s. Wow.

Of course I made many pong like games top down shooter... *sigh* I hope I'll find the CDs one day I burnt them on. I mean I still have a few of them I think.

Game Maker is amazing. I remember it was free back then and later there was separate free and paid version. As a kid I was kinda mad because of that and you know... I found the way to use the better version... YAAARRGH! Well... I am not on that path anymore. The developers put a lot of effort to make is better. It's worthy to buy it. And the free version is pretty good too. So I'll use it and I'll love it as I loved it back then. And if so, I'll buy a licence because there is nothing wrong about supporting a good developer team.

Now, let's start a new adventure while I am in another one with Unity. Two amazing game engines. Two separate worlds. I'm ready for it!