Monday, 21 July 2014

Low-poly tribune with fans

Low-poly tribune

Tribune design for old school Formula 1 style racing game for Android. I overall, it currently has 6 textures including all ad boards and fans. Stairs are flat, and the whole object consists of 570 triangles. I made a low poly man character in 3ds max which is less than 500 triangles. I made different textures and poses for it, and rendered as texture. I'll make more with different cloth style also I'll need female fans too! 

Lots of fans, few polies. 6 textures for the whole object to keep the drawcalls low. (Could be even lower, but it's OK.)

From another perspective with visible edges

Low poly tribune for race tracks
Wireframe view with statistics (3ds max 2010 render)

Unity render with lightmaps
Unity render with lightmaps.

Unity render from an other perspective.

People's legs and arms are barely visible due to the bad mip map bias.

Unity render of the tribune model
Mip mapping is disabled on the people, so they look better than on the other pictures. Unity's default mip-map bias isn't that good for them.

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