Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Racing game? It'll be done!

I started a racing game back then, but I didn't make any progress in the last months. It doesn't mean, I forgot about it or I gave it up! I was working on that Flappy Bird clone. Also I had problems with the car physics.

James Hunt McLaren M23
A pretty old screenshot...
Good news, I found a pretty good way to make the cars work with the wheel collider component of Unity. It will be a little bit arcade style, but also it'll be fun. And it will be pretty stable at high speeds too. Nothing to worry about!

James Hunt McLaren M23
...and a newer one.

Also I'll make the tracks low poly, but detailed. It'll work on PC and Android too. What I learnt from my Flappy Bird project is handling MySQL databases through Unity. I think it'll be a useful thing for online lap time comparison.