Wednesday, 29 January 2014

They see me rollin'

Another nice day for some fun packed experiments! And an other nice day for not to make a reasonable progress... *sigh*

So... acceleration is somewhat good. It has brakes, which also works good... well, not so good, but it's useful and I know, how to tweak it, so there won't be problem with that. However, the wheels' friction values cause me headache. Finally, I could make it stable in straight, so it doesn't go left of right when it speeds up with high torque. But... it acts weird at turns. Not good at all. Today, I was playing rFactor and I expect something similar handling like that, except it doesn't need to be very "sim". A semi arcade model should work. The car works like it's on ice. But if I increase the sideway friction (stiffness value), it'll roll over easily even with the anti-roll bars. In rFactor, the old F1 cars have pretty good cornering, can't do it with as high velocity as the modern cars, but for example, the first turn of Rouen-Les-Essarts can be taken around 250 kph with a little bit of sliding. I want that little bit of sliding, and at the same time, the car shouldn't roll over so easily. And it shouldn't take the turn that easily. Actually, stiffness is controlled by speed at this moment, but it's not enough. It's a little bit more complicated. I think, I have an idea, but I'll ask about it on forums or on my favorite Unity Indie Game Developers Facebook group

At least, I learnt about, how important the suspensions for stability. And for today, an other picture.

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