Monday, 20 January 2014


Nope, it's not Lord of Destruction... Of course, I meant level of detail in the title. Currently I am testing a simple LOD system (for Unity Free) based on the one I found on Unity forums (Thanks to Westmark). I already made some modifications on it. I disable game objects with it which contains the meshes (instead of changing the mesh within the mesh renderer component). Also I'll make it more versatile, it'll be possible to set the distances for each details instead of the current system. Working well, but I have no idea about the memory usage yet. All the details have to be on the scene, but in a disabled state. So they are preloaded.

I am targetting mobile devices and mobiles / tablets has usually small screen and / or low resolution. Small screen / low resolution means, you can't see everything in a high detail. So it is possible to make the lower detail models much lower than on PC. Wheels will be very angular in the lowest detail, however they'll be detailed in highest detail and cockpit view. Probably the most simple car model will be around 500-600 triangles, the highest detail will be around 2500-3000 (tyres and driver included). I have no performance data yet, but I think, this LOD script is efficient.

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