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Simple, fun, explosive... and makes no sense! McPixel review (PC)

McPixel saves the day!

McPixel is an indie game developed by Sos Sosowski. Interesting concept, weird jokes, simple, addictive gameplay. Can McPixel save the day? Let's find it out!

McPixel is a guy, who saves the day in different challenges. In each challenge, he has to disarm a bomb in a point-and-click style. The challenges are really short, you have 20 seconds to complete. If you fail, the bomb explodes and you will advance to the next challenge. Challenges are packed in 4 chapters, each chapter contains 3+1 rounds, all the rounds contains 6 challenges. There are three normal rounds, and one extra round that you have to unlock by complete 100% the other three rounds.

Actually, the game contains 100 challenges, which sounds a lot, but it isn't. It is not that bad, since there is a DLC option, so you will get free DLCs for the game later (on DLC will come very soon for the game).
McPixel round selection screen with references
Chapter 3 - Round selection screen. Maybe, some of the characters are familiar to you!
What kind of game is this exactly? Let's figure it out!
Well, McPixel is a really weird game. Pixelated graphics, simple, but reasonable music. This doesn't sound very good. But there is one thing, that makes the game very interesting and fun: the game is so hilarious! Each of the challenges makes you laugh, I guarantee. It is so funny, all the situations are so funny, there are so many references in the game (including Star Wars, Dragon Ball, House MD, Batman, and so on...), and lot of good jokes. It doesn't really matter if you fail a challenge or win, the it ends with some weird, twisted humorous happening. The gameplay and the fun really make you forget about the graphics and sounds. It is an addictive fun game! I really really enjoyed every seconds of the game. It is sometimes so random, most solutions don't make sense, but you just don't really deal with it's weird logic. How to extinguish fire on a train, when you have a fire extinguisher? Of course, you need to pee on the fire! Yes, this is McPixel's twisted world. It is really funny, it is really satisfying.

McPixel in the White House...

"What if I finish all the levels" - you should ask to yourself. As I mentioned, there will be free DLCs to the game. Also, there are extra modes in the game, for example a farting minigame. Also, it has a level editor, so you can create your own levels. Sosowski said, he may put user made levels to future DLCs. That's nice of him!
PowerPuff Girls in McPixel
So once again the day is saved thanks to... McPixel?!
What about the price? Well, it is $10, which sounds a little bit high for a short game, but you can get coupon codes buy uploading fanart and videos. Also, there is a massive discount now! You can buy the game for $4.95! That's a good price for McPixel, isn't it?

I think McPixel is a really fun game. I enjoyed all the minutes of it. It was short, but DLCs will come, also you can use the level editor if you feel yourself a good artist, well, you don't have to very good at it, but you must check out the instructions about its usage. It has a great retro feeling with its weird and twisted humor.

I give it a strong 7.5 of 10, because it is extremely fun, creative, sick, addictive, but it should be longer.

You can also download the demo, if you like it, go, and save the day, the McPixel way! It is available for Windows, Linux, Mac OS, Android and IOS. Commodore 64 is planned too!

Official McPixel website:

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