Sunday, 5 August 2012

(Downloadable) Dungeon Generator V0.25

My first post in August. It is worth to check! A little downloadable content included!!!

Downloadable Dungeon Generator Made With Unity 3D

I worked a little bit on the dungeon generator. You can download the compiled version here:

What's added?
  • Multiple rooms shapes are added (Contains simple corridor, different rooms. These rooms are still placeholder, they're far from the final quality, the textures are not wrapped correctly)
  • Placeholder character added (standard Unity asset, "construction worker" model, controls are not changed)
  • Placeholder torch (wrench model) added for the player
  • Seed based generation disabled, it will generate new level on each start (22 rooms)

What is not in this release, but planned and / or done before?

  • No lightmapped rooms yet (The method is done, but I didn't want to "waste" time with lightmap all the rooms in 3ds max, also it is a little bit time consuming and complicated to generate the lightmaps in 3ds max. I can't use Beast for this task unfortunately, it is difficult to handle in case of a modular, random scene)
  • Doors