Sunday, 5 August 2012

(Downloadable) Dungeon Generator V0.25

My first post in August. It is worth to check! A little downloadable content included!!!

Downloadable Dungeon Generator Made With Unity 3D

I worked a little bit on the dungeon generator. You can download the compiled version here:

What's added?
  • Multiple rooms shapes are added (Contains simple corridor, different rooms. These rooms are still placeholder, they're far from the final quality, the textures are not wrapped correctly)
  • Placeholder character added (standard Unity asset, "construction worker" model, controls are not changed)
  • Placeholder torch (wrench model) added for the player
  • Seed based generation disabled, it will generate new level on each start (22 rooms)

What is not in this release, but planned and / or done before?

  • No lightmapped rooms yet (The method is done, but I didn't want to "waste" time with lightmap all the rooms in 3ds max, also it is a little bit time consuming and complicated to generate the lightmaps in 3ds max. I can't use Beast for this task unfortunately, it is difficult to handle in case of a modular, random scene)
  • Doors


  1. This is very nice. What sort of algorithm are you using to generate the overall layout of rooms? Such as deciding whether or not to place a room above, below, or to the left or right of the current generated room.

  2. Thanks!

    The algorithm is written here:

    It is simple, and not very efficient, because there are more loops than necessary, but it has to place not so many rooms, so it still generates it in milliseconds. The rooms are pre-made models what I made in 3ds max.

    It is not the complete algorithm. I didn't have the doorway placement in that post. But basically, you need to check if there is a neighbor of the room or not. If there is, you can put the doorway down. The doorways themselves are not stored in a variable. The program just choose from 2 meshes to put down.

    If the room has a neighbor south, it will choose the wall with the doorway on the south. You should check this out too:

    Basically, that's it yet, I'll make some improvements on it.